Konark Bisht: Postdoc with Himanshu Khandelia and Michael Lomholt. Project title: “Novel voltage sensing mechanisms and electromechanical coupling in membranes.” PhD from IIT Delhi, India.


Hridya V. Madapally: Postdoc with Himanshu Khandelia. Project title: “Mechanism of Ion transport.” PhD from IISER Pune, India


Ali AH Zanjani: Senior postdoc with Himanshu Khandelia. Projects: Annexin-mediated membrane repair, mechanism of action of psychedelics, drug-membrane interactions. PhD from University of Luxembourg.


Luise Jacobsen: PhD student with Himanshu Khandelia. Project title: “Simulations of membrane proteins and ion transport in mitochondria.”

Jacob Marcus Egebjerg

Jacob Marcus Egebjerg: PhD student with Daniel Wüstner. Project title: “Towards a Thinking X-ray Microscope: Deep Learning to Predict Fluorescence Labels of Cellular Organelles in SXT.”

Katja Thaysen

Katja Thaysen: PhD student with Daniel Wüstner. Project title: “Molecular function of Niemann Pick Type C Proteins in Lipid Transport through the Yeast Vacuole.”

Line Lauritsen

Line Lauritsen: Postdoc with Daniel Wüstner. Project title: “Cholesterol homeostasis in the brain: Secret life behind a barrier.” PhD from University of Copenhagen.

Senjuti Halder

Senjuti Halder: Postdoc with Daniel Wüstner. Project title: “Tracking cholesterol and oxysterol transport pathways across the blood-brain barrier.”

Suzana Kozakijevic

Suzana Kozakijevic: PhD student with Daniel Wüstner. Project title: “The role of Niemann Pick type C2 protein in foam cell formation and cholesterol-induced inflammation of macrophages.”

Prasoon_Awasthi small

Prasoon Awasthi: Postdoc with Francesca Serra, Project title: “Active behavior of living cells.”


Vinay Mishra: Postdoc with Adam C. Simonsen and Jonathan Brewer in collaboration with Arla and IFF. Project “MicroTool, aiming to characterise hybrid food systems by super-resolution microscopy and state of the art image analysis.” PhD from Teagasc – CIT, Ireland.


Ellen Juel Pørtner, Ph.d. Student with Adam Cohen Simonsen. Project title: “Mechanical response of the cell nucleus to plasma membrane damage with atomic force microscopy”


Nicoline Dorothea Daugaard: PhD student with Jonathan Brewer. Project title: “Implementation and investigation of artificial skin cancer models using bioimaging and next generation sequencing.”