September 21st – PhyLife talk by Aniruddh Murali

 The next PhyLife talk will be given by Aniruddh Murali on 21st of September at 11:00 am in Lykeion. The title and abstract of the talk are given below.

 Title: Cells around the corner

 Abstract: Anisotropic-shaped cells possess a unique propensity to spontaneously align themselves, forming domains characterized by nematic ordering. These domains exhibit similarities to the topological defects observed in 2D nematic liquid crystals. To gain a deeper understanding of the physical properties of this liquid crystal behaviour, our study focuses on the behaviour of cell monolayers in proximity to corners and sharp edges. Through in-vitro experiments, we establish a clear correlation between the wedge angle and the type of deformation observed in cell monolayers. Additionally, we find that the adhesion of cells to the substrate significantly impacts alignment and alignment strength. This investigation sheds light on the intricate interplay between cellular morphology, confining geometry, and adhesion characteristics, offering valuable insights into the mechanics governing cellular self-alignment and deformation.