PhyLife Talks May 8th – 2023

Today the students at PhyLife gave a brief introduction to their projects. Thank you to the students below for an interesting insight into the various research projects taking place in the groups at PhyLife.

  • Sarah Spring (Daniel Wüstner group): Role of tetraspanins in trafficking of oxysterols in breast cancer cells
  • Christin Kathiresu (Himanshu Khandelia group): PFAS in water
  • Sofie Ranneberg Skaarup, Husam Hisham Ataba, and Munir Sltan Sayel (Adam C. Simonsen group): Examination of the effect of phenothiazines on model-membranes
  • Albert Demidziuk (Himanshu Khandelia group): Docking study with regards to the 5-HT2AR
  • Martin Wazar Eriksen (Himanshu Khandelia group): Analyzing Dynamic Compartments in MD simulations: Characterization of water molecules present in a protein tunnel