Opening of the PhyLife, Center for Physical LifeScience at SDU

On Friday November 23rd we celebrated the opening of the new center for  Physical Life Science at SDU (PhyLife). Initially, Koji Kinoshita gave a short introduction discussing where we are headed in the future followed by two scientific talks by Wallance Moreira Pazin (Brewer Lab) and Paola Marisel Natalini (Needham Lab). 

Wallance Moreira Pazin: “pH effects on the interaction of Artepillin C with model membranes and plasma membrane of tumor and healthy cells”.

Paola Marisel Natalini: “Lysosome membrane permeabilization induced by niclosamide and novel niclosamide stearate nanoparticles depends on its concentration and FBS concentration”. 

Subsequently, we had a social gathering in the lunch room with Wine and cake and Beer specially imported from Belgium by Beate’s husband.